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I'm R.I.D.L. aka R.I.D.L. On Dem Beats (@ridlondembeats, #ridlondembeats)

I'm an american born hip hop artist and music producer. I started doing music back when I was in my teens(during my high school years). Back then I was solely an artist who loved writing and performing. I'm a guy who has always put a lot of energy into my music, and because of that my peers and others around me, quickly recognized I had a unique talent and potential for creating music. It wasn't long after performing my first writen piece of music before I was invited to perform an a weekly basis at the local Arizona clubs and venues. I still have the same energy, drive, and dreams as I did back then. So for me, music as a career is a no-brainer.

Today... I still write a ton of songs. However, I now spend most of my days perfecting my skills as a music producer. Even though I still consider myself as an artist, these days I use my love and passion for music to help others increase their chances of making their music dreams a reality. I created R.I.D.L. on dem Beats so that I can help as many artists as I can reach their goals as well as discover their full potential as an artist. I feel I make beats unique enough to help and artist stand out from the crowd.

Music is a marathon, a long and sometimes hard journey, but if you really keep your vision for it ahead of you, the rewards are worth it! I wish you all the best.